High quality, large format magnets........crisp, bright, high resolution matte laminated images machine wrapped around a 9cmx6.5cm metal shell, with a strong .86mm all over magnetic backer.  These are no ordinary magnets & we think you will enjoy discovering both our KIWIANA & a stunning range of HUMOUR & VINTAGE & RETRO pieces, which we refer to as VINTRO for short. 



PLEASE BE ADVISED: Some of the humour stuff is of an adult nature, sexually quite strong, politically incorrect or at the very least offensive, especially the OTHER category, so if you are easily offended - PLEASE JUST DON'T GO THERE!

Price: $8 per magnet - no minimum purchase or postage when ordered with other Magnetico products to a minimum $45 value

KWM18 - Kiwi & his mates ROAD SIGN Magnet

11KWM18 A road sign , but not as we know it, Jim! 

$ 8.00